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Monday, 11 March 2019

Welcome to Decoherency !

Welcome to my third blog, Decoherency. If you have no idea who I am or who you are or why you're here, that's okay, for I shall explain.

I started my first blog (Physicists of the Caribbean) when it became clear that astronomy was going to take me to far-distant lands and I needed something to do in the evenings. PotC slowly evolved from travel and silliness into lengthy ramblings about science and philosophy or whatever I happened to find currently interesting. At the same time, Google Plus emerged as a great place to find an audience and write shorter, more focused posts in a respectably organised fashion.

The impending demise of Google Plus is a tragedy of a farce of an injustice, but I've decided not to go gentle into that good night. Instead, I've been archiving as much of my stream as I can into two new blogs. The first, Little Physicists, is all about astronomy and data visualisation, with some commentary on scientific methods and stuff. In short, it's about things I can describe at a professional level without feeling too much like an amateur hack.

This one covers everything else. For Google Plus was a great place to wax lyrical on any topic at all, and while the opinion of an astronomer doesn't deserve any special credit when he's not talking about astronomy, he's still entitled to hobbies. So here, as my rage against the dying of the light, are a whole shedload of posts on politics, philosophy, animal behaviour and intelligence, psychology, the latest technological developments, and all manner of other crap. You can find the major topics listed in the sidebar on the right. It's not quite finished yet (in particular watch out for missing or wrong links, especially in the placeholder category), but the vast bulk of the work is done.

Many posts are just summaries of longer articles, with direct quotes in italics and my own - sometimes very brief - comments written in regular script. I decided to keep these summaries as a convenient way to look back on what I found interesting. Posts in the Predictions category contain specific predictions as to what we could expect in the future - either my own guesses or those of the experts. At some point I'll check over these and see what lived up to the hype and what didn't, which ought to be instructive. Existing posts have sometimes been edited [with new text given in square brackets] where appropriate, though there are still many "placeholders" which aren't done yet.

Like Little Physicists, this blog is not intended as a static archive but a living blog where I can continue venting short, often incoherent and inconsistent, thoughts about whatever bloomin' nonsense I feel like. This way I can safely post to whatever social media is currently in vogue without fear of losing all my stuff or needing to archive it once again. And with luck, having things more organised will help keep future Physicists of the Caribbean posts - which is where the more fully-developed ideas go - nice and concise so that people might actually read it.

Or not.

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